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August 24, 2012


Helium-huffing gibbons 'sing with soprano technique'

(Thanks to Alkali Bill, Bob Brogan and Jeffrey Brown)


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I saw Helium-Huffing Gibbons open for Andy Gibb on more than one occasion.

Redo 2001 with helium: Darwinian drama becomes evolutionary antics.

Hmmm... No Manilow links posting yet.

Helium is an inert gas. Just sayin.

Helium huffing gibbons sing .. Do Dah .. Do Dah

It ain't over til the fat helium-huffing gibbon sings ..

now i cant get that thought outta my haid....

Gibbons huffing helium, zebras giving polar bears herpes - they're acting like animals and this has to stop.

"Helium huffing gibbons sing .. Do Dah .. Do Dah"

MOTW - that needs to go down in Blog history. It's not often I laugh until I cry. Bravo.

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