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August 20, 2012


Urine cocktail can help fight global warming

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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shake it, not stirred...

We called that "Black Label".

yeah. i guess urine for a treat....

That's a drink with a twist.

So, peeing in the back yard will save the Earth?

Therefore, drinking lots of beer and peeing gallons should be worth a UN medal or something.

I love this idea! I'm all in! The thought of spraying urine way up into the atmosphere and having it rain down on everyone is exceptional. Let's do this!

Imagine world pees.

Loudmouth, the whole point, as I read this, is that the urea in the urine would react with CO2 and other "toxins" in the atmosphere and rain down as ammonia.

As if that's better...

Cow contribute to global warming. So if we could get a cow to tinkle every time they "let one fly" would that solve the problem? I am also going to make darn sure I always stand up-wind of Schadeboy.

ewww! Urine and moles in the same story?

What do you do with the urine once it has absorbed the carbon dioxide --send it to Uranus?

What a pee-culiar idea.

Any sentence which includes urine and cocktail cannot bode well.

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