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August 08, 2012


Florida Police Arrest Worst Son in the World

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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hope he enjoys being someone's b!tch in jail

- and nominates OWN son for - BEST Son in the World -

but that's all i'll say


"No vodka??? Well, one of us is getting sh!tfaced."

i would not live long enough to even get arrested.

My son yelled in a restaurant when was 2 years old. I took him to the parking lot and "brought him to Jesus."

The mom probably raised her son to be the little bastid that he is right now. Kids who treat their parents like this don 't just one day spring up and act this way. They are raised to be disrespectful little tyrants. You see it in stores all of the time.

This kid has probably been a tyrant all of his life and his parents let him get away with it.

NUff said. This idiot mom will probably take him back under the wing and he will do it again.

Oh he needs to have a long sleep over with those angry bad men who have eye tattoos. Wait til they find out what he did to his mom.

otoh, mikey, he could be one of those kids I see in stores all the time who are smacked and verbally abused by their parents for moving or speaking, without any warning or guidance. he might have been treated like (sorry) sh** his entire life and learned to give it back when he got old enough to do so.

"The confrontation between Jenkins was apparently prompted by his mother’s refusal to provide him with a shot of vodka."

Well, MY mother never refused me vodka, and I've never shoved poop in HER face. Just sayin'.

Not to quibble, but I have been named "The Worst Child of the Year" dating back to 1949 and I wasn't born until 1964.

And the news just keeps supplying ready-made material for sitcom episodes .

That family is going to get its own reality TV show.


If my son had done this his obituary would have immediately followed the article. While I was washing my face his dad would be busy killing him. MikeyVA, I had a couple of those meetings with my kids. I was a teenage mom and all of my kids have graduated from college. Two are teachers and one is a policeman. I think I did pretty well. They are the best.

Good career choices, there. Your children will go on to make many lives better.

Is it just me, or is my immediate desire to punch this little punk's lights out unreasonable?

Nope. On reflection, it's not just me.

Definitely not you.


My kids are grown, both engineers and they actually want me to come over on the holidays and call me!!


I think that they knew that I was willing to be unpopular so that they would learn that there are certain ways of conduct that will make one successful in this world. It gives them the security that "being their BFF" does not.

I wasn't their friend, I was their mom and now I am their friend but not a buttinski with their kids.

I think you did the same thing.:)

The flying chancla of death would have hit me *HARD* before I even bent over to scoop poop - then I would have run for my life.
(in our house it would have been tequila, not vodka)

Who among us has not done this? OK, not me, but I bet many of you have...

Tellie, I don't even know what a chancla is, but I'm goin' out tomorrow and gettin' me one.

*geezer alert*

Apparently he doesn't know it from shinola.

If I were his mother, I'd change all the locks, redo the basement he lived in, and tell him his stuff was now in bags in the driveway. Tough love this, punk!
Then, as Lisa Simpson once said, "(W)ith the passage of time, plus intensive therapy, perhaps someday I'll find it in my heart to forgive you."

Urban Dictionary: A chancla is a flip flop used by a mexican female to beat their child or husband for doing something that angers her.

I think Siouxie has a machete launcher for that.

"Mrs. Jenkins, would you like to post bail?"
My wife and I had different child-rearing strategies.
Her's was to raise perfect children.
Mine was to catch the little bastards in the act. Then, be merciful.

'dog, I have two teenagers at home so Imma need a full set of chanclas. With extra tread.

Steve, you left out the critical "Scare the living bejeezus out of them" step just before "be merciful."

If the mother is such a moron that she can't train her dog not to poop on the PORCH (eewwwww), it doesn't surprise me that she was incapable of training a human being.

as dr cosby said:i brought you here, i can take you out.

Queen, It is always a ggod thing to invest in a taser/chancla as soon as their little heads appear, if you catch my dirft!

Ah, padraig, guilty as charged.
Senility is setting in, as that woman who lives with me keeps pointing out.
Wonder who she is?

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