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August 06, 2012


But seems to have lost her shirt.

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Joe in Japan)


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She could also get tagged for driving a truck with an untethered load.

What, she didn't have a hat on? From the drivers I've seen I assumed it is illegal to drive a pickup truck without a hat on.

Padraig --
I keep my cowboy had in the back window. For some reason, the kids keep on taking it down.

The hat can also go on the dashboard if it is dark blue and has yellow letters.

Dark blue with yellow letters? Careful, someone in front of you might mistake you for a Michigan Wolverine sneaking up from behind.

She didn't stop because she was topless?
I think she meant to say she was legless, as in stumblin' drunk

All her cockroach suits were at the dry cleaners.

Nuts. The mugshot was cropped.

How about taking off your top when you get to your boyfriend's house? Isn't that the usual way?

nursecindy told me

Bet she could have gotten off with a warning.

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