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August 22, 2012


The outlaw monkey of Tampa: the wildly popular, elusive mascot of the host city for the GOP convention

(Thanks to ubetcha and jon harris)


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So...The rumors are true: Joe is going to be there.

“They’re infamous for throwing feces at things they don’t like.”

Yep. Sounds like a Republican.

If the government of FL has a duty to protect us from irresponsible, feces-flinging sub-humans simians, they're sure not doing a very good job of it.

The herpes B virus is a real threat. The mortality rate is 80%. And the survivors end up with some brain damage. But if the monkey isn't biting or spitting at anyone, it's probably not spreading Herpes B.

I guess my recent two week vacation on the Gulf west of Clearwater was a smashing success. I managed to not see the critter or even hear/read about it.

The news says Tampa is in for a big wind.
And there may be a hurricane, too.

"...infamous for throwing feces...."

Monkey see, monkey doo doo.

There's a great name for a rock band in there somewhere.

Mr Yates says he's nailed the animal numerous times with a dart gun, gradually upping the dose, but to no avail. Seems the monkey is shrewd enough to go hide and sleep off the drug. It may be time to up the dosage to a 12-gauge level.

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