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August 18, 2012


A Georgia Health Sciences University lab tech was jailed this week after he was found intoxicated with his pants down in a campus locker room, a GHSU spokeswoman said Friday. Two lab monkeys were found outside their cages, authorities said.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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me thinks there's been some spankin' goin' on

Hope he didn't go ape on them!

It was a frameup! Those monkeys were out to get me from day one!

Monkey business for sure!

Circumstantial evidence, nothing more. And besides, maybe he was straightening his clothes, yeah that's the ticket.

Pants on the ground,
Monkeys all around,
Look like an ape with yo pants on the ground.

"public intoxication" seems like the least of his problems.

Obviously time to amend the Ga statutes to include "general drunk and disorderly exposure and highly suspect perverted-lookin' cruelty to animals"

Maybe he's always wanted to perform for an audience?

Ever notice that any article about monkeys or even just with the word "monkey" in it is somehow inherently funny?

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