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August 09, 2012


Plane flies over Hull.

(Thanks to Clay S.)


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Interviewed everybody in town!

I thought it read Hell!

Maybe it's a UFO and they've heard that Sean Penn is endorsing Hugo Chavez for president. So they've decided it's time to take him back to his home planet.

A friend from high school was suggesting the Air Force Reserves or Air National Guard for my son. When I replied that I feared he would misplace a very expensive plane, he suggested the C-17.

It would be pretty hard to misplace on of those suckers.

@ MikeyVA - must be cuz ur so used to 'going to hull in a handbasket'

- with me, of course

True that, Ligirl.

I have the list here and it grows everyday!!!

Don't report it. It's probably just swamp gas.

I thought the mystery hum was in Windsor, ONT, not Hull and East Riding.

Aren't they in Vermont?

B-17 overflights used to be fairly common round these parts, since the Yankee Air Museum is just a quick bomb run east of here. Always seemed to wake the locals up.

We used to live right under a low-level bombing practice route. Bombers would fly over the house at about 800 feet (which looks like you can just reach up and touch them). The noise was outstanding.
And unsuspecting guests would always get a thrill when we'd rush out of the house, look up at one of these bombers and yell, "Oh. My. God! It's going down!"

Steve, my dad was stationed at Eglin AFB in Florida where there were a LOT of bombers taking off. Our school was right next to the runway and one day the teachers calmly told us all to close our books and walk outside. We walked about 200 feet and then sat on the grass and covered our heads. A few minutes later my mom drove up and yelled at me to get in the car. I found out later a bomb had rolled off an airplane and they thought it was going to go off.

NC ~ Duck and cover!


So the Hull thing is still a mystery?

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