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August 10, 2012


Here are members of the Russian men's 400-meter smoking team, warming up in their cage.



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That guy's got a huge badge.

must be chain-link smokers

Run Dave! The guy in the green shirt doesn't look too happy.

Apparently many of the smokers have a hard time hitting that red bucket that is sitting right behind these two.

Is that a handicapped smokers area? Red wheelchair sign in the background?

you're right, WVman -

& what's with all the pen!ses & butts on the blog today?

SNORK@ lilgirl

RE: Handicapped sign in the back. Giess they don't have a sign for "Stupid" for the smokers.

What... no vodka ?

Not every sport requires superhuman fitness. Maybe it's the shooting (or shooter) team. I know those nerds who walk funny probably smoke funny as well. Only explanation.


In the immortal words of Tommy Smothers,

You drink too much wodka, you womit....

There's a fire extinguisher (at left) in case any smokers or their wodka spontaneously combust. We assume Usain Bolt will lead the rapid responders.

If I were walking past that cage and had respiratory failure, with my last breath I would crawl away from them before they attempted to give me mouth-to-mouth.

Russian ashtray breath. I'll die first.

I thought things were tough in the US where I see smokers hiding from anti-smoking zealots in alley-ways and behind buildings, but the anti-smoking mania must be really bad in England if the smokers have to put up a chain-link fence to keep them away.

I see where smokers have to sit in a cage now.

Theresa, here's an even better idea.

You silly people...the fence isn't there to protect the smokers; it's to keep the smoke in.

Padraig, YES! Next let's extend the cone to completely enclose the idjits having private mega-decibel conversations on their cell phones.

We need the Cone of Silence, not just the cone of Sucking Smoke...

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