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August 09, 2012


Giving my all for San Marino.


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San Marino is indeed a real country. I know, I've been there. Really. A goofy friend wanted to get a passport stamp so we drove through on our way across Italy. It was high and small and chilly, which was appreciated in August.

Dave is not wrong about pub bathrooms. I went to one pub in London earlier this year that was really nice, until I needed to visit the Loo. The trough-style urinal was leaky and the floor was awash in former beer. I went upstairs, complained to the landlord, had a couple more pints, and then stormed out.

A line for all ages:
... who has come to deeply regret being brought to the Olympics by her father.

Someone should be glad that her parents haven't decided to write a book about living on the NASCAR circuit. OTOH, my kids pretty much regret being brought to just about anything by their father.

I have been in restrooms where bricks were laid out strategically to elevate one's shoes above the pool of "liquid" as one stumbled to the throne.
In the dark, I might add, the bulb having been removed by thoughtful and merciful management of the establishment. And it was appreciated.
Up to now, I never knew the owner was English.

I can't believe that they didn't allow rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock, which is the new international standard of play since the inception of The Big Bang Theory.

A.A! My son wears the Rock, Paper, Scissors,Lizard, Spock tee around campus with immense pride.

Chin up, Dave.

You didn't medal.

But, once again, you got paid to drink.

You're already training for the 2016 Games in Rio, right?

Because, whoa!

I'm sure you enlarged the country's RPS vocabulary. San Marino is really just a big bird's nest on a mountain ledge. San Marinians live amongst the rocks, therefore most of the time throw rocks in International RPS competition. They'll knock your eye out.

Remember Dave. It's not if you win or lose it's the fact you got free beer. Great article. Of course I'm getting spoiled and am really going to miss your articles after the Olympics.
I would like to point out that the runner who finished the lap on the 4X400m relay with a broken leg, Manteo Mitchell, is from my hometown.

A girl told me that Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock predates Big Bang Theory. Indeed, wikipedia agrees with her.

He definitely gets my "guts in the face of adversity" award, cindy.

Dave, I hate to bring this up but...do they really let 12 year olds in pubs over there?

Jeff, in England and Ireland, folks start bringing their kids to the pub when they're babies. Pubs are sort of like McDonalds over there - bring your kids, drink beer, get an inexpensive meal. All ages are welcome. Also, there is no drinking age in Europe.

Not true. The legal age in Great Britain is 18, and 16 in restaurants. Children are allowed in pubs if parents are present, but they cannot order a beer. Parents can serve alcohol to children over 5, but only in private domiciles.

Even in Germany, the drinking age is 16 or 14 with a guardian.

Regarding Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock:


Speaking of Olympic competitors, for all we enjoy making gentle fun of Destinee Hooker, has anyone else seen her PLAY? Heavens to betsy she is scary good. I think she could split me in half with a volleyball. If her name were Chantelle de Champignon-Dardanelles she'd STILL be a badass.

Great job representing a sorta-country, Dave!

Enjoy your time with Sophie while it lasts, Dave. After you get back she probably won't want to appear in public with you again - until she asks you to pay for her wedding.

There is actually a reasonably-well-known (among AI geeks, at least) annual Roshambo tournament that has been going on for quite some time -- see the mention of the tournament and powerhouse program "Iocaine Powder" in the Wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rock-paper-scissors .

Anybody want to play strip rock, paper, scissors?

I left my heart ... in San Marino.

The only sovereign nation I can think of right at the moment that's named after a sheep.

The sheep is Merino with an e. This is Marino. It's clearly named for one of Dan's ancestors.

The only nation that's named after a sheep and can't spell.

If you never picked Sophie up at school in the Wienermobile, taking her to the London Olympics is the next best thing.

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