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August 07, 2012


A modest proposal for improving the equestrian competition.


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We went to one of the days of an equestrian competition. When you stand at a fence and a horse running at very high speed turns on a dime in front of you -- as in sweat droplets fron the horse hit my camera -- it is time to change your underwear.

I wonder if the Lego dogs have brown piles nearby.

Beats watching the Lipizzaner Stallions, or as Craig Ferguson calls them, the Gay Horses of Austria

The problem is every horse can make the jump with its eyes closed. The horses are graded on grace and style, which are synonyms for BS. If they ran the events like human jumping, where they just kept putting up higher and higher hurdles, maybe it would be slightly more interesting.

Ooh ooh ooh. To heck with the equestrian stuff. Dave, did you go into the museum and see Nelson's blood-stained uniform from the Battle of Trafalger? And stand either side of the Prime Meridian? Greenwich rocks.

Here I go again. ^ extract 'e' insert 'a'. Too preoccupied with Olympic diving. At least, that's the excuse I'm using today.

Pish posh. All the *true* equestrian fanatics attend the Dressage competition. Jumping. How barbaric.

Elon, if you're not being facetious, you really need to read up on stadium jumping as well as cross-country and dressage. Everything you posted is flat-out wrong.

Prince Andrew is married? Nooooooooooooo! I hope Dave meant Prince William.

Dave says the royals don't do much, but I saw the queen jumpin' out of a parachute with Sean Connery a while back, and that was pretty cool.

they shoot horses dont they... (nay, i am not suggesting we kill any horses!)

The Modern Pentathlon features equestrian, fencing, and pistol shooting, along with running and swimming. Alas, they only do one at a time.

poker, you are (if I may say so) nuts. We saw the Lippizaners at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and they are incredibly cool and very impressive.

Jan, agree on Greenwich. We went to the Royal Observatory, on the Cutty Sark and and the Gypsy Moth that Francis Chichester sailed singlehandedly around the world.

Cool indeed.

I think that if we're going to talk about equestrian jumping, it ought to have to be jumping over horses, not some contrived obstacles. You could stand a horse between two trampolines, and then ...

Picture this: A horse is racing toward an obstacle. It launches itself into the air. Everything is looking good for this horse, but suddenly … UH-oh! There’s another airborne horse, coming over the obstacle from the opposite direction

From recent news reports all we need to do to accomplish this is turn the competition over to our Air Traffic Controllers.

Snork at fivver -- just don't let the RSCPA know.

There will be no horse helmets until our very expensive, major university, government funded horse helmet studies are completed and published in the " American Journal of Horse Helmetry ".

Jeff, I was able to see the Lippizaners in Vienna at the Spanish Riding School. There were no tickets for a performance but at that time you could just sit and watch them practice, which was fascinating. I would have stayed all afternoon but my dad insisted on dragging me off to a museum. ;)

Jeff. We missed the Cutty Sark by a day. H. M. and the DoE came just after us and it hissed down rain. We had sunshine. Hee hee. Pretty much my fave place in London. After the V.& A.

Guin, I read up on the events at the Olympics before posting the comment, yes. I know that there are jump competitions where the object is to compete in actually jumping over stuff, but that is not show jumping the Olympic sport.

Elon, we will differ on this. I've been around horses for forty years and am well-versed in equestrian disciplines.

On the Blog, all is harmonious.


You are flat-out wrong, but that's OK...we're blog-mates. The difficulty in appreciating the incredible meeting of the minds between horse and rider is understandable to those who have not actually participated.

I put my daughter into equestrian starting at age seven. Part of the discipline of the school was that the rider had to groom the horse following the exercises. I'll never forget the sight of my elf-like daughter picking up the feet of this enormous horse to clean its hooves. It was like watching a chihuahua lifting up a SUV...

The Brits are crazy for the royal family, and for a very good reason, which is: I have no idea.

Well, it does prevent their politicians from trying to be the top celebrity the way ours do. I mean, how do you compete with Her Majesty? You don't, so you have to go for a degree of competence in your actual job.

Having attended several equestrian events I've noticed that the horses refrain from pooping when any member of the Royal Family is present, yet, when any politician happens to be within view, they poop continuously.

Yes, Afkat. "Reading up on" an Olympic event isn't proof of actual knowledge. It would be like me saying I know how to do an open-heart transplant because I've looked at WebMD. ;)


Do I really want to step in this? Yeah, I suppose so.

I am the son and nephew of a pair of horse addicts, of the show jumper and thorough pain - I mean thoroughbred variety. Things were rough until this nice guy from the neighborhood turned them on to crack (the mother and aunt, not the horses) and then our lives improved a lot. They were a lot easier to live with, after that.

♪ Go right to the source
and ask the horse...

oh, & i look forward to These guys at the winter olympics ;)

*snork* @ Omni.

Would be far more interesting if they switched roles and had the horses riding the riders.

EyeGore, I think we saw a video recently about that -- except it was diving or trampoline or something, with canine participation. The human got ridden, no question.

Today's Google Doodle game isn't nearly as much fun as yesterday's. Hubby told me.

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