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August 23, 2012


Oklahoma kindergartner Cooper Barton banned from wearing University of Michigan shirt?

(Thanks to Ken in Jax)


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Having solved all their other problems ...

Next, they'll ban colors (because they can be used to indicate gang affiliation, y'know) and Crayola will go out of business...

I'll have to send the kid a shirt that says Valparaiso

Mark Twain:

"First, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then He made school boards."

Little has changed since he wrote that.

Our kids' school banned obscenities on clothing. As a diehard Badger, I feel the Michigan shirt qualifies.

They went easy on the kid, in Ohio the punishment is 20 lashings for wearing apparel from "that team up north".

The kid is lucky. This is a felony in East Lansing.

I guess the point everyone is missing here is that all the shirts are made in Shanghai, China.

ml, I rarely talk to people from Michigan, but wehen I do I say "I'll have large fries with that."

interesting. most of the folks i've seen wearing michigan gear go to that "special" school.

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