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August 08, 2012


London 2012 are investigating how a bucket of unofficial condoms found its way into the athletes' village without official consent.

(Thanks to John Brown, who points out "Bucket of Unofficial Condoms" WBAGNFARB)

Vaguely related "hot dog" item here.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Kangaroo condoms' motto: "The Olympian's Pride and Joey."

That furniture looks kinda like it's "protected"

[sizes: Extra Large, Gigantic, Supermammoth, Recliner, Sofa...]

Condoms come in a bucket now? (Deliberately passes up the obvious "come in a bucket" joke.) Must be a new product from KFC.

"Original Recipe or Extra Slippery?"

In the second article why am I not surprised that Howard Stern is involved? Is the Trojan company implying you can turn a man into your own personal slave by just mentioning they may get a little something later that night? I don't think men are that dumb.

NC, you have no experience with men I presume?

nursecindy, when they aren't thinking with their brains but with their you-know-whats, they actually ARE that dumb. Am I right guys?

There's a museum for those? Who knew. Having said that, I didn't know a Jell-O museum existed 'til I drove past it a couple of months ago en route to Rochester N.Y.

She, we'll answer your question in whatever manner might give us a chance to get a little something later. Just give us a hint as to the correct answer as we are clueless.

We will also answer any question once women's beach volleyball is over. And women's diving. And women's pole vaulting. And synchronized swimming. We'll be real smart then.

And btw, if we need to clean up the band name for mass markets, I suggest "Bootleg Party Hats."

A bucked of *official* condoms would be quite the Olympic souvenir, no?

Forgetmenot, I guess it depends on whether they are still in their original packaging...

Apparently Ryan Lochte has been doing his best to make sure there are no leftovers.

She said athletes and officials were allowed to bring products into the village for their personal use.
A bucket of condoms for personal use? Someone's got a high opinion of themselves.

NPR called them Rogue Condoms and if that isn't a great name for a punk band, I don't know what is! http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetorch/2012/08/08/158416801/rogue-condoms-appear-in-olympic-village-organizers-take-action?utm_source=fp&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=20120808

150,000 official condoms! Those goddamn athletes are such overachievers!

Do the condoms come (har!) in gold, silver and bronze for the winners and black for the losers?

NC, speaking as a man, we are that dumb. Yup.

That being said, you better follow through if you make such promises. After 30 or 40 times, we'll catch on.

Watch out for "factory seconds".

Jan, didn't know about that museum either, but in New York we have the Museum of Sex on Fifth Avenue and 27 Street.

Unfortunately, once again Mayor Bloomberg has stomped all over the First Amendment: as the Post put it no Good Vibrations.

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