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August 23, 2012


A unique species of near-toothless rat that lives off earthworms and doesn't chew or gnaw has been seen in Indonesia.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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I saw Near-Toothless Rat open for (wait for it...) Ratt.

I think Ratt has had to change its name to Near-Toothless Ratt to work the oldies circuit. You know, truth in advertising & all.

But as for the actual rat, it eats worms without teeth? I keep visualizing two of these things doing the spaghetti scene from "Lady and the Tramp"...

Doesn't chew or gnaw, huh ? It must have some vices. Does it masticate...?

Clankie this is a family blog!

Now if we can just find a species of politician that doesn't lie. [sigh]

They say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.

Send it to Washington.

There is a whole class of humans that evolved to eat without chewing. Senoirs. Have you seen the food they give to people in nursing homes?

And as I so aptly demonstrated their is another class that has learned to write without spelling. I now have to go write "seniors" on the blackboard 1000 times.

Isn't "senoir" French or something, wingnut?

It's okay wingnut. I just assumed you were talking about male Latinos. And yes I know it's spelled Señor.

I want to send out a special thank you to the blogadidians today, you guys made me actually LOL, no really, many times, with the Bloggy going to....opening envelope, rippppp:

A Limmerick
A unique species of near-toothless rat
Is an evolution marvel, imagine that.
He sucks earthworms thru a snout,
Spitting sliced pieces of it out,
Then he slurps down the chunks just like that!

A paucidentømys vermidax once bit my sister ...

Mynd you, paucidentømys vermidax bites Kan be pretty nasti...

Funny, wingnut, but when they said a rat with no teeth, the first thing I thought of was a politician in search of his dentures.

*ahem* err....wingnut? It's there, not their. Back to the blackboard....

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