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August 23, 2012


Seven-year-old Jón Haukur Vignisson unexpectedly won the highest score among non-professionals in the annual national ram groping tournament organized by the Sheep Farming Museum in Hólmavík, the Strandir region in the West Fjords, last weekend.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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Ever since the wheels came off the economy it's been tough finding quality entertainment in Iceland.

Cue the music. In front of a weathered barn, a REAL ICELANDER stares off into the distance. Lap dissolve to a large pickup truck, superimposed on an Icelandic flag, waving gently in a freezing cold, damp breeze.

VOICE OVER: "Guts, Glory, Ram Groping. This is what makes Iceland great."

SHEEP: Baaaah!

This program brought to you by Iceler of Chrysland -- cut! I mean Chrysler of Iceland! Dammit! Start over.

JUDGE: "We rank the contestants by observing their hand placement, or the ram parts we watch"

My gawd, ligirl!!!

There are professional ram gropers?

It's too late for the 2012 Olympics, but I'm looking forward seeing to this event in the 2016 Olympics.

Among the prizes is sperm from the Insemination Center of West Iceland, which is much appreciated among sheep farmers.
Well you can count me in for next year!

What's so weird about ram roping? They do that at rodeos all the time.

Oh..... wait. Missed a letter. Never mind.

*snork* @ ligirl

my sister groped a moose..........

Yeah, Padraig, you left out the "G" on "Gram Roping." Those old gals are wily, sure 'nuff.

'Tis better to have groped a ram than never to have groped at all.

Ram bam, thank you ma'am.

The National Ram Groping Tournament is sponsored by Purell Hand Sanitizer.

But seriously, maybe it's just cuz I'm a suburbanite born and raised. But I'm all hung up on the word 'evaluate'. Just what are the consultants evaluating? What is the criteria? Size, sperm count, horniness. I'm just not familiar with all of this. And I'm quite proud of that, by the way.

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