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August 05, 2012


We saw them open for the Sex Pistols.



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Wasn't that a Mel Brooks movie?

I'm pretty sure it is one of those Cajun cooking shows

Is that a shooting star!?
Nope, not a "star", as such.

I think that picture is from the restroom of a Mexican restaurant I've been to.

Been hitting the local curry joint Dave?

The little-known sequel to Blazing Saddles, where Mel Brooks goes cannibal.

A new Olympic event, Dave?

Just flaming offal.

We WARNED you about English beer, Dave.

In England is it spelled 'beer' or 'beeour'?

Posting that sign takes guts.

I'll take URANUS for $1000....

- 'What are celestial storms?'

Blazing Hemorrhoids, Happy Entrails to You.

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