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August 01, 2012


Don't they always test your chocolate bars?

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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Perfectly good chocolate, ruined!

String him up.

So they don't make their own meth in Japan? Do they not have Internet access?

I agree Omni. Don't they have a Walmart in Japan? Ms. Flukey, stringing him up is too good for him.

Who brings 45 candy bars on a flight?

I have been known to pick up a Snickers bar as a pick-me-up, but the meth coating brings in a whole new level of energy.

Of course they don't, Cindy. Ever seen an Asian on Breaking Bad?

Biggest sugar high EVAH!

They took out the peanuts in case anyone was allergic.

Maybe they can donate the bars to the nut free school.

He wasn't snickering anymore when they put the cuffs on him.

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