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August 24, 2012


Semen: Nature's antidepressant?

(Thanks to jon harris)

(Note: And thanks also to the approximately 3000 people who sent this in while The Blog was in London, but since the s.b. declined to post this item, did not get mentioned.)


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I'm guessing this study's results came from a guy...a sad, lonely very horny guy.

; D

Volunteers for the followup double blindfold and handcuffs study. Make some sweet, sweet science.

Speaking as a man, I'd like to say:
It gives me great pleasure...
Then, I shut up.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the deep South....

"You say yer depressed honey bunch? Wall, I gotcher cure richere!"

You misunderstand. It cures the GUY'S depression...

All I can say is, "Let it fly! Who needs a condom when there's open air?

Wait -- my fetish is getting away from me.

Nothing to see here -- move along.

I'd be very happy to cheer up some of the blog ladies here.E-mail me at...dammit woman,quit hitting me with that broom!

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