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August 22, 2012


'Hover bike' prototype thrills sci-fi fans: Would you buy one?

(Thanks to The Perts and Jeff Meyerson)


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Oh, HELL yeah!!

And at $80,000 it's less than the electric cars without subsidies...

I wouldn't waste 10 cents on it.

Proving once and for all that Theresa is not a guy.

*rushes to get pre-order in *

The biggest risk factor will be everyone trying to film themselves recreating the scene from E.T. every full moon.

Yeah. Motorblender.

no, but i'd pay to watch beer drinkin' good ol' boys trying to ride them

It's a flying Segue. "The future of robotic cattle herding?" Give me and the cattle a break.

Theresa, how about a Hooverbike?

I'm in! We could have hoverbike races!

Blog guys you can have one just as soon as you clean out the garage.

needs a lower blade so it can double as a lawn-mower.

Oh, man! My wife finally told me I have enough life insurance to buy my motorcycle and they have to come out with this.
Better start calling insurance companies.

Perfect for helicopter parents.

Dave's Christmas Gift List started early this year!

Not only would I want one, this would be the coolest thing ever!

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