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August 23, 2012


Police team up to pursue 'Duct Tape Bandit'


(Thanks to funny man)


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The caliber of our criminals is a national embarrassment. They should demand funding for crime-improvement techniques.

I dunno Guin, four police departments working together and he's still at large? Sounds like he at least a .40 calibre.

Dad raised him to keep his nose to the grindstone - he tried applying himself but nothing would stick - now he's the scenter of the investigation.

Are you sure it isn't just media bias in reporting only on dumb American criminals? How would we know if, say, the French are this stupid? And I don't even want to think about how they behave in Fukang or Phuket.

great disguise. ya.

It is testimony to his intellingence that, at least,
he is not putting the tape over his eyes.

He may not be as dumb as he seems. The tape is easily concealed, quickly applied, and easily disposed of. Its purpose is not disguise, but to defeat facial recognition software.

Still, he's still pretty dumb, and I hope he's caught soon.

He may have a tattoo on the inside of his left leg.
What kind of moron puts duct tape over his nose to disguise himself but doesn't cover his tattoo? I agree with Guin. This is embarrassing.

He looks like a normal 20-something guy, except his hat is on backwards.

I remember another duct tape bandit who actually made a video statement saying he could prove it wasn't him, and his proof was that all his friends knew he'd never do anything that stupid.

Better take them up on that "court-appointed lawyer" offer, bucko.


Brilliant indeed ! It makes everyone fond of wearing duct tape over their face suspect. But that's duct tape profiling !

That looks more like " The Electrical Tape Bandit ".

He's getting smarter. He's on parole after serving 3 to 5 for robbing banks with transparent tape on his nose.

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