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August 18, 2012


Speed Hump Signs Removed From Hartland High School

(Thanks to Renaldo)


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Yeah, speed is a forbidden word to use in high school!

Sounds like my ex.

Heh-heh... she said "rectifying"... heh-heh

0 tolerance for drugs policy is right Pirate, they should never have allowed a sign which can be construed as advocating drug use.


Speed hump? Makes me think of premature......


Teenagers being immature?
Who would be afraid that that would happen?
BTW, "hump" is the word in common use in St. Augustine where these bumps are located.
A "speed bump" is what makes your car go bump-bump.
A "hump" a ramp that can launch you if your booster kicks in at the right time.

Not how to teach sex education.

Reminds me of the sign for a railroad crossing I saw in a small Indiana town on a construction detour:

Hump for Crossing

Thats what she said. (Michael Scott)

in the Boulder area suburb where friends of ours live, they do things a bit differently. Instead of raising the road surface, they create a trench across it to slow traffic. And the signs they put up, pointing you to our friends' house, read "DIPS.," For some reason, they don't seem to resent this.

Does Hartland have a 'Beacon' newspaper?

A local high school was originally named Indian Prairie High School. IP High.

Don't go near the urinal. Thankfully Metea isn't as messy

Things that go hump in the night

"Sleeping policemen" might make the kids feel better.

I recently saw the term "speed table" used to describe the humps that are supposed to keep you from exceeding the speed limit, without destroying your vehicle.

This explains why the kids from Pleasant Prairie went to High School in another town.

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