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August 07, 2012


A British man set fire to his home by microwaving his socks and underwear.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan and Jeffrey P. Brown)


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6.2 from the stupidity judge from Russia.

He might make it to the semifinals, though.

I've used a microwave to help dry cheap leather work gloves, but only for a few minutes at a time. The idea is to get them steaming, not fully dry, or they turn rock-hard and flammable. Do not try this with leather boots; different parts can shrink differently and curl.

FYI, a quick way to sterilize a (wet) kitchen sponge is to put it in the microwave for two minutes. This would probably work for socks and underwear as well, although it won't remove skid marks.

Well if he had just used the underpants setting instead of potato, everything would have been fine.

Concepts this British fellow just doesn't get:
- Laundry
- Fire prevention
- Cross-contamination of kitchen surfaces

As an aside, thinking of the next bacon buttie out of that microwave:


Do not try this with leather boots; different parts can shrink differently and curl.

Speaking from experience Ralph? Snork @ JD.

And this is how we end up up with those stupid warning labels on things. Everytime I see one I think,"Yup, some a$$hole must have tried that."

Never, ever try to dry a wet dog in a microwave.
They smell AWFUL.
And your warranty is shot.

Sheesh ! How hard is it to Google for proper " Socks and Underwear " microwave recipes ?

The problem with drying stuff in the microwave is that with the door closed the moisture has no way to escape, so you wind up with slightly less wet socks and a microwave full of steam. The trick is to bend a paperclip so it can engage the safety lock that tells the microwave the door is open, then you can stand in front of the microwave holding the paperclip and allowing the moisture to escape. This simple trick will keep you from winning a Darwin Award for technical reasons (no matter what stupid thing you do, you will not be capable of passing on your stupidity genes).

Andy Capp, you card!

Perhaps it was residual underwear scrunchies that combusted, not the actual material. In which case, it would be just FINE to nuke clean underwear, according to Dear Abby.

Try microwaving DVD's instead of BVD's.

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