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August 08, 2012


 A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight looked out the window and saw what looked like a damaged area on the wing with a handwritten note saying, "We know about this."

(Thanks to Mark Buckley)


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That's funny.

If he had a better sense of humor, he would have written "Be sure somebody fixes this before the plane takes off."

"William Shatner, don't worry until 20,000 feet."


Allen, not even remotely obscure. There's something out there!

Now if you'd said "John Lithgow," THAT would have been obscure.

I would have put a strip of duct tape over the damaged bit right next to the note.

"Be sure the Bondo has dried before taking off" would have ben a nice touch.

When you fly Alaska Airlines, you really need to make you don't leave your sense of humor behind.

Should've hung one of these on it.

Let's try this one for obscurity. See if you can guess it before you click the link: "The wings are NOT on fire!"

How about "We're praying for a safe landing this time. Signed the maintenance crew."?

"Should be good for another couple of flights. 12/22/07"

What type of fly-by-night operation is AA running? Those notes are supposed to be stenciled, not hand-written.

Aircraft mechanics would consider this to be standard operating procedure.

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