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August 16, 2012


A Norwegian driver who tried to avoid crashing into a moose hit a bear instead, a wildlife official said.

(Thanks to Mr. Jeff Arch)


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The driver is now resting quietly on an airport conveyor belt.

bring on your pythonic moose jokes..........................a moose bit my sister...

Bring on your Boris and Natasha jokes as well......
Squirrel says the "driver spotted the moose" so be on the lookout for a Holstein.

Isn't there an old pessimistic Norwegian proverb that translates into "If you avoid a moose in your way, you'll probably hit a bear"? Seems like there should be.

ps to qb: I weesh to fondle your buttocks.

oh lawdy padraig. i'm an old broad. you may regret that.

He barely moosed the moose but didn't moose the bear.

"Where is moose and squirrel?"

- Boris Badanoff

Perhaps the moose was chasing the bear when it got hit by the car.

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly....

or... If you come to a fork in the road, pick it up.

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