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August 20, 2012


eBay bans magic potions, spells and curses

(Thanks to Paul Hodges)


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Well this is just great. Now where am I supposed to go for all my advice, spells, curses, hexing, conjuring, magic, prayers, blessing services, magic potions, and healing sessions needs?

nursecindy, I'll still pray for you....for $25.50!

Www.Hogwarts.com ?

Can I still get fetishes, totems and voodoo dolls?

So stock up on hexes & curses now, while you can still get them. I prefer to make my own potions anyway, so I know that my potions don't have Chinese newt eyes which never work as well.

I see a good Night Gallery/Twilight Zone episode in this situation.

If you buy a spell to, say, make your dog fly, and and also a curse that keeps him from flying, which wins out? What if you paid more for the curse than for the spell?

Gee, you mean that you could actually buy a curse? That could be a good idea.

Thanks maryqos. Do you take paypal?

So this $199 Harry Potter Magic Wand (TM) that I'm considering buying is actually a stick?

I demand a refund, or I shall call Newt! (No, the other one!)

Curses foiled again.

Nancy Pelosi closes her account.

Where do you think Reagonomics came from?

Repeat aloud:




Repeat until the spell takes effect. That will be USD $100.00

Boy, if I worked at eBay and made all those people mad I'd be pretty nervous what with the curses and hexes and everything!

Can we curse, hex, and cast spells upon the spammer?

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