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August 29, 2012


A local man was charged with battery after he allegedly swung at his brother with a Styrofoam plate.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Battery? Since when does Styrofoam have batteries?



This is exactly why I never allow a Styrofoam plate in my house. If you're too 'fancy' to eat off a paper towel then I can't help you.
Exactly how do you get cuts and bruises from a Styrofoam plate anyway?

whiffle attack

"On Aug. 17 the two brothers and their father were in the dining room of a Tarpon Drive residence when an argument."

Employees of the department of unfinished

Obviously they purchase their styrofoam plates from the same haberdasher used by John Steed for his hats.

Doesn't the object have to be capable of injury in order to be charged with battery?

Watch out! He's defending himself with a Spork!

Obviously, the victim has a plastic jaw.
Glass is so yesterday.

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