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August 21, 2012


Jack Bauer Bakes Cupcakes for Acer

(Thanks to Bryan, who says "They go straight to your thighs like a bullet.")


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blah blah blah perimeter.

That was awesome.

Chloe-less, but awesome.

And he should have thigh-shot his assistant.

But awesome.

And the next time I want a cupcake, I will buy this brand.

I miss our live blogging of 24. I really wish we could find another show to pick on study.

Has the 24 movie been shelved permanently?

If you're willing to substitute kneecaps for thighs, nursecindy, "Person of Interest" might do. Fantastic show, but we could have some fun with it. If nothing else, we could have great fights debates over whether it would be worse to be shot by Bauer or Reese. (I say Bauer. Reese can kneecap a guy THROUGH A DOOR.)

(Make that BETTER to be shot by Bauer. My mistake. I would rather NOT be kneecapped through a door. Or at all.)

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