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August 06, 2012




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When you eat your pie and/or mash a man comes to your table and asks if you want eel with that. Do not say "yes", if you say 'yes' then he will stuff a live eel in your trousers. Very amusing for the rest of the diners, no so much so for the person with an eel in their trousers.

That's probably steak and kidney pie rather than good stuff like apple pie a la mode. Don't know which would be worse to see on one's plate, kidney pie or eels. Dave, is British 'cuisine' causing you to lose weight?

There's a non-traditional pie & mash with eels?

When a pie is the deal and it comes with an eel,
That's a moray....

I'll pass on eel. I always have my pie & mash with squid.

Paella is a fish dish. NOT cockney stinking eel pie.

Why do I suspect this is not the mash most Kentuckians would first think of?

teeheeeee ralph.

You had me at pie.

...and then lost me at "eels"

and *snork* @ Ralph!

All you need to know about pie and mash is that they add eels to it in hopes of improving its flavor.

My hovercraft is full of eels.

I don't mind eels
Except as meals
and the way they feels...

Ogden Nash

With my sincere apologies


For some unfathomable reason, people keep using the term "English cuisine" as though it weren't an oxymoron.

Ralph!! Epic Snork

Adding to the MAJOR SNORK list for Ralph. Awesome!

Snork @ Ralph and Make It Rain. I love Ogden Nash. Steve, it would take a lot of Kentucky Mash to make me eat an eel.

Not fun for the eel, either.

I tried wearings eels once, but they kept slipping off my feet.


My interest in eels centers primarily around their use for inner tubes for the legendary Spagthorpe motorcycles.

What do they call a person who catches eels?

A- A sniggler
B- A smuggler
C- Snooki
D- Anthony Weiner

Snork at Ralph.

Guys you're missing the point. This is Cockney land, they're referring to heels

I don't care how much a cad he is, putting a heel in a pie is cannibalism.

Or should that be "an heel"?

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