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August 10, 2012




(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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animal cruelty, too. a$$hat.

Some of us older people prefer the term "temporarily misplaced".

It's getting to the point where small businesses just don't have a chance. We may as well just shred the constitution.

The bar is raised again.

You don't call it "meth." It's a "high energy food supplement made from all natural ingredients." Amateur.

Thith guy ith a meth.

yes, queensbee - poor dog was roverdosed

Snork @ Larry.

I thought is was going to be another Dave Barry drinking-in-England essay.

That's methed up.

He should get an extra decade or two for doping the dog.

"Lost brain cells" presupposes that the jackass person in question had any to start with - I posit that he, in fact, did not.


Ha! Brilliant! The dog cooked the meth, put up the fliers and duped his owner to take the fall. It wasn't hard. Obviously, Fido has a higher IQ than this guy.

Big snork @larry.

Who sez are pubic schoolis is fialing?

poor pooch - probly a meth lab

Oh, lrgirl, that was horrible!
(Even by my standards)

Well done!

Honest, I can spell my own name!

So there was no meth in his madness? Blatant false advertising!

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