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August 01, 2012


Camper Crashes Into Brockton Pool

(Thanks to Jerald Nichols)

Note: After actually reading the article, we realize the driver had a medical emergency, and we are glad he is doing okay.


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It really ticks me off when people run their cars into my pool. You go to all the trouble of blowing the thing up and then this happens. I'm also happy no one was hurt and he's doing okay.

A little farther north, the RV could be competing for space in the pool.

As the article points out, it could have been worse. He could have been driving a tank. Or conning a battlecruiser. Or the pool could have been filled with molecular acid and alien pods. Or instead of a pool, it could have been a giant frying pan. Or the Olympique mixed doubles naughtyminton court.


Medical condition my sweet patootie. He just did it to meet that hot reporter chick. I'da done it myself if I had an RV.

padraig, too bad it was the DAUGHTER and POLICE that she interviewed. Not him. I guess she saw through the trap. A valiant effort nonetheless.

Well, Elon, he's just gonna have to get a bigger RV next time, isn't he?

"As God is my witness, I thought RVs could float!!!"

I would hope he's not allowed to drive anymore or atleast for a certain amount of time because it's just not safe for all the other driver's that aren't aware of this medical conditions and could possibly be hurt if this sort of thing was to happen again. He may need a bicycle for christmas next yr instead of a new RV.

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