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August 18, 2012


43,000 pounds of beer spills on I-85

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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Yea, nursecindy, thanks a bunch. Couldn't find a story of a guy getting hit in the groin so you decided to go with this?

Ohmygawd, it was REAL beer, too.


nursecindy assures me her neighbors were out there with straws doing their part to clean up the environment.

"All the beer will go to the dump"? Better make friends with the sanitation workers, quick!

And the so-called U.N. etc. etc..

Yes we they were Jeff. *Hic*

The appropriate music for this has to be Steely Dan's Pretzel Logic.

43,000 pounds of beer on the road
43,000 pounds of beer ...

We're gonna need bigger straws.

Who measures beer in pounds? Not even the British, right Dave?

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