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August 21, 2012

332 FEET

Cell Phone Throwing Championship Crowns a New King

(Thanks to Jan in Grimsby)


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Is this the next big Olympic event? This would never happen here in the U.S. People won't let go of their cellphones long enough to throw them.

I've had phones like that ... an HTC Tilt, runnimg Windows Mobile, for example.

These smartass phones are asking for it. They're getting so big that you might have to shot-put them.

My students are supposed to turn off their cell phones in class.

One of their little dasrling phones rang while I was talking so I gave the kid a choice, I could answer it or could confiscate it.

I answered, "Shotzy's Toilet Seat Factory, You got poop, we got you covered, How may I direct your call?!"

The kid turned off his phone from then on. Cruel but necessary.

Another story from the trenches.

I'm saving my arm for the Shattering of Stupid Cellphones with a Sledge Hammer event in Rio.

Which is topless.

I want a game where you convince the brass at AT&T that it's a contest to catch AT&T phones dropped from a great distance. The best catch wins a prize.
Then, while the cameras are rolling, everyone with an AT&T phone just stands there and applauds when they smash into the pavement.
Then we drop the AT&T brass to the pavement and applaud.

Steve - sounds as though your customer experience with ATT was similar to mine. It took almost 3 months last year, but I got 'em out of my life in all respects -- cell, Internet, and all. I highly recommend it.

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