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July 18, 2012


Dad yells at son for wearing skinny jeans.

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown)


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my FIRST *snork* of the day!

ROTFLMAO - you go, Dad!

"You look like you stole a midget's pants" is a classic line.

Hey, c'mon -- at least they weren't on the ground.

Good thing he wasn't wearing a hoodie.

Good for this dad. I loved it when he said "I bet your sister couldn't even wear those pants".

If you go back to the early to mid 1960s, "pegged" jeans were in style. These were skinny jeans that at least covered your netherlands.
My father had the same opinion of them then that this dad has now.

Dad's probably wearing black knee socks and sandals, though.

Steve, as a certified geezer I can testify that I did indeed have pegged pants in the days of yore (who was 'yore' by the way?) but my butt was always suitably covered. We saw three young guys today who were wearing the shirtless/boxers/pants below the butt look on the street, though none were in skinny jeans.

They all looked like f#*king morons.

And stay off my lawn!

I'm waiting for chapter 2, "Dad pummels son for wearing skinny jeans"

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