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July 17, 2012


Faulty weather forecasts could lead to fines in Netherlands

(Thanks to The Perts)


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think of how welll that would work in new york city!
yo - dat foahcast, yo, you was wrawng....i gotcher fawcast right heah!

Might rain. Or not. Whatever.

I know what'd I'd do if I were those weathermen:

" There will be a 50 % chance of rain today...."

What could they do ?

"...Joep Thonissen, head of Dutch tourist association Recron, complained that "incorrect" forecasts were causing "considerable damage" to visitor attractions."
Yes, but how does he KNOW?
Does he make a FORECAST of the number of visitors expected?

I'm going with "partly cloudy".

Reminds me of the routine that first made me a George Carlin fan.

"The forecast for tonight is dark."

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