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July 18, 2012


Woman Flips Over After Trying To Ride Motorized Scooter Up MBTA Escalator

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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In keeping with the impending Olympic theme, I give her 8.5 for technical and a 4.0 for style.

Her technique was bold yet nuanced, much like Katarina Vetctestchivekstreblechsnivle. She looks golden to me, JD.

Well, they didn't SAY she couldn't ride a scooter up the escalator. I mean, they didn't have a SIGN on the escalator saying you CAN'T ride a scooter on it.

(p.s. If you read that out loud you will be doing a perfect imitation of my ex-sister-in-law-from-hell.)

Ever seen people on a down escalator fleeing in terror as a shopping cart full of merchandise tumbled end-over-end toward them ? And the sign said... ( well... too late now ).


There's a Target we go to when we're in Florida that has a very cool lift that takes your shopping cart from the second floor to the exit on one. Maybe she thought it was one of those?

How did she escape from Walmart?

Jeff, I have a Target near me that has one of those cool things, too. But this incident can only be blamed on idiocy. Naturally, she'll win 20 million dollars.

Why did they allow the gravity to be on? Such utter negligence!

"...and get poor Charlene off the MTBA...." Nope! Just doesn't have the rhythm.

I once saw an elderly woman fall backwards down an escalator at Logan Airport; she had a huge rolling suitcase in front of her that tipped back when the escalator went up -- duh. Some Bostonians drive, walk, and scoot assuming everyone and everything will make way for them.

I don't know the details, but will not object to this being made light of. It seems for every poor victim of Lou Gehrig's or some other unavoidable disease in a scooter, there are a lot of people who just spent their lives smoking and gaining weight.

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