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July 17, 2012


7-Eleven selling mashed potatoes and chicken gravy from Slurpee machines

(Thanks to Warren Anderson)


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for an additional dollar it will block your arteries.

I didn't need to know that.

This, THIS is why The Terrorists hate us.

Because they have nothing like this.

Well it only makes sense. After all 7-Eleven is known for their fine hot dogs.

It might be mashed, but it doesn't bear much resemblance to potatos.

So will the same restrictions on consuming directly from the spout apply?

Now if they will just get smart and start selling fried okra from a popcorn type machine I will never have to eat anywhere else.

oldfatguy, I'm having fried okra for supper tonight if you'd like to come over and eat. btw, the okra is from my garden and has never seen the inside of a 7-Eleven.

Sounds good, but then the cup drops down wrong and it's stuck in there sideways and the potatoes splat down and bounce onto the floor and just as you reach in to fix the cup the hot gravy comes down on your fingers.

If they can get that worked out, it'll be brilliant.

I'm stunned. You mean to tell me other parts of the world have this already and it is just making it to the good old US of A?

I saw this on the news this morning. Incredible. Who knew?

And there's a 7-11 only a few blocks from here...

How has rawstory.com not received a Pulitzer?
This same story links to "TSA frisks man with ‘world’s largest penis’!" (which I'm not linking to!)

When I think of mashed potatoes, I immediately think of Singapore.

In one fail swoop, 7-Eleven has eliminated obesity with this innovative and tasty tasty diet of mashed potatoes, gravy and a Big Gulp.

Padraig -- that's a feature, not a problem.

NC you are making me cry. My wife will not even allow fried okra in the house. I was raised on a farm and we grew our own okra also. go out and get a pot full for mom to fry up for supper. yum yum.
Oh sure she lets people eat broccli but not me. ha

can you opt for flies?

Release the Bloomberg !

I thought they've been selling this for years. The guy-without-a-vowel-in-his-name who works at my 7-11 appears to dislike cleaning the vending machines so much, my 44 ounce "Big Gulp" comes in regular, diet, and extra-chunky!

32 ounces of mashed potatoes. What could possibly go wrong?

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