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July 30, 2012


Poop-throwing... is actually a sign of high intelligence.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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decades of research shows that apes have better memories than college students
To be fair, the average ape doesn't drink as much as the average college student. Or smoke as much dope. Or drop as much acid. Or. Well.

Remember: College Educated Youth are our future!

I've been saying this for years: arm the animals. See how the poachers like becoming bush meat.

I knew it! Now maybe I'll get some respect.

the picture accompanying the article is of a Chimp!!!

Send all those poop-throwing primates to Washing-- wait, too late.

Throw all you like, but don't foul up the teleprompter.

When a vendor used to have their senior folks visiting go past us like we were animals in the zoo, I seem to remember suggesting that I might throw scat. Or put their names on the Do Not Fly list while they were flying home.

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