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July 28, 2012


A 62-YEAR-OLD Gokwe man has come out in the open and claimed ownership of a goblin which has been terrorising women in his village by taking off their panties at night while they were asleep.

(Thanks to Bill Rominger)


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PETA said he couldn't keep the goblin on a tether.

His goblin has "gotten" weird? I thought they were pretty damn weird, ab initio.

Extra style points for the latin, Omni.

Ladies, if you want to sleep commando, no need to fake the excuse.

Finally the madness is over! markhh, real ladies don't go commando. We prefer to call it au naturale.


SHocking that this isn't Flathead County.

They burnt the poor little goblin?!

Stealing panties should notbe a burning offense.

Up to Harry Potter, I thought "goblin" was what happened at Thanksgiving.
And if my wife suddenly lost her undies and claimed a goblin did it, I might look askance at her. Or, in the case of missing clothing, asskance.
(10 points for "askance").

The TSA posted a new want ad for a screener today...

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