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July 17, 2012


More than 40 parking sign poles have been destroyed by prostitutes in south Auckland who are using them as dancing poles.

(Thanks to Ross, Linda Schutjer and Jeff Meyerson)


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The "big strong people" part means you should double check the gender early on in the transaction.

I'm more frightened by the "they often snap the poles" part.

Pfft! My neighbors never complain when I do this with the stop sign at the end of our road. Of course most of my neighbors are cows.

On a semi-serious note, we noticed both in NZ and Samoa that women of Polynesian heritage do tend to be built very well ('like linebackers' but I don't mean to be offensive!)

Reminds me of a very old joke: How do you make a whore moan?

Did the signs say "No Standing"?

Linebackers play on DEFENSE.

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