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July 30, 2012


The suspect remains on the lam.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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OUCH! Worst pun of the month.

My strict policy prevents me from explaining (but not from mentioning) the phrase, "sheep boots."


wasnt that a scene in Everything you Wanted to Know about Sex,... woody allen movie from about 1975?

judi, ewe are barred from making any more puns.

The sheep farmers need to train the dogs to herd the sheep into big circles, each facing outwards. That worked when "Sheep-F***er O'Toole" went on his famous rampage in County Mayo round 1932.

lam. Worst pun I ever herd. Except for the one I just attempted.

"Sweden decriminalized sex with animals in 1944"
Wait- WHAT?

sheer annoyance to have to sit thru these puns....

Wait a minute!
elderly?......between 60 and 70???

Question: just how large a database did they have on men who have sex with animals?
Although there are many men who will confess to going home from the bar with a ... Never mind.

The farmer baadly needs to get the flock out of there.

O'er the ram parts we watched....

How Swede it is to be loved by ewe...

This sounds baaaaaad.

Penalty flag thrown at Ford79. That was uncalled for.

Cud'a been worse...

Wow, these are some very punny comments; LMAO.

In all fairness, it wasn't Judi, that line came right from the article...David Moye at the Huff Post was workin it; read the last paragraph: "stick with their own species"

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