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July 18, 2012


A Denver woman said her homeowner's association is fining her $200 for having brown spots on her yard amid drought conditions.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Two words (I saw it in a story yesterday): spray paint.

A case of summary harassment if I ever saw one. Bust 'em all.

I'd worry that my HOA would get an idea to fine everyone in the neighborhood, but I take great solace in the truth that most of the board members can't read.

Gee, wouldn't it be awful if some of the HOA members suddenly had some problems with their lawns?

The spray paint makeover.

Cindy, that is SO brilliant unneighborly of you.

Why, Nursecindy.
We're proud of you.

It appears we've corrupted sweet, innocent, NurseCindy.


Kermit's getting a little long in the tooth. Maybe he has a few brown spots.

You all have corrupted me. Now send me some bail money.

*Throws Pentaly flag at Dave Herald's spell-check software*

What if your whole lawn is a nice uniform brown ? Like mine.

I like the Natria idea. You could even spell letters with dead grass, like "F" and "U."

Sounds like me and Dud have the same lawn service.

Hmph, no HOAs where I live but we have voluntary guidelines about lawn care - dead animal carcasses have to be removed before they attract buzzards and if the grass covers the roof you have to either cut the grass or move the car the back yard.

I heard about a guy who got the HOA off his back by hiring a private detective. The detective found the main complainer was cheating on his wife.

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