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July 23, 2012


Jellyrat: 'We took a rat apart and rebuilt it as a jellyfish'

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Science marches on!

Time for the boffins to get out of the lab and meet real women.

Wow, my ex finally got a job... but is he going back to being a rat or sticking with the jellyfish?

Wonder how it goes with peanut butter roaches?

Chucky Jellycheese...

Well, it does have a kind of ring to it.

My hour has come!

I'd play in a band named "Jellyrat," if I played in bands.

The next step is to incorporate Elvis Presley's DNA into it. Then book a flight to Stockholm.

So what's the big deal. I can make jelly out of any animal with my blender.

"We can make him stronger...faster."

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture.

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