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July 18, 2012


People Who Are Constantly Online Can Develop Mental Disorders

(Thanks to coscolo)


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Uh oh...

I resemble that remark!!!

Completely bog

/ @ \ ' / & \
\ & / * \ @ /
/ +/ ~~~ \+ \
us \_____/ !

I was going to get off but that last story just looked too darn interesting. But I will now, as soon as I check this one last thing, and the weather, and my email to see if I got a reply, then I'm off for sure right after I check the blog one more time to see if I got any responses......


This is nonsense. At least that's what the voices in my head are saying.

This may be true but some of us can quit any time we want to. We just don't want to at this juncture.

I really don't think......

Hey wait! Maybe that's the problem?



It's easy to go offline. I've done it thousands of times.

The first website was free. That's when the problem started. Sleep? who needs sleep?

All blog and no beer make Judi something something.

geeeeez, meanie, math is hard :(

Me? Mad? That's what they all said, back in the old days, when I was just a ... nobody. Now, though, now ... ah, now, I'm slowly changing their minds, aren't I, Siegfried? And you, Athena, what do you say? Yes, we're gaining control, aren't we? Heh, heh, heh. Hee, hee. Haw, haw, HAW, HAW, HAR, BWAHAHHA! The truth is, as the Messiah, Robert Crumb, revealed to us, we're one of the world's last great medieval thinkers.


Or is it that people constantly online are already mentally disturbed?

Back to you Brian.

The fact that Mrs. PriateBoy and I have 7 computers at home, plus two smartphones, has nothing at all to do with the internet addition hogwash. Oh, wait! Cute pictures of kittens!

I'll be back....

Crap. Busted.

What about those of us who already had/have mental disorders?

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