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July 21, 2012


Unfortunately, our strict policy prohibits us from presenting the High School of the Week.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Its actually pronouced Tea pook eee with three separate sounds. It is is the Maori laguage and just means "the hill".

However, don't let that stop you making barf jokes.

Interesting that one of their major sponsors is Wilson Plumbing Company...

What my High School SHOULD have been named.

bet they all throw up their hats at graduation

Just reading up on the place, mission statement, curriculum and such leaves me fairly confident no one in my family is smart enough to get in the place as a janitor, much less as a student. Thankfully here in the good old US of A we have public education.

>Thankfully here in the good old US of A we have public education.

I have got bad news for you Wingnut. This school IS public education in New Zealand. Admittedly it is in a fairly wealthy area, but it is part of our public school system. Any poor kid in Te Puke can go there.

so, they wear school shirts that say TPHS? this is somehow better?

I can see the team t shirts now

We heart PUKE

PUKE is Number ONE

PUKE or go Home

WHO are you for?


No word on the site about a team mascot. I think a few suggestions are in order. Perhaps the Splatterers? the Chunks?

JustSome Guy :
How about the Hurlers? The Yaks?

Hurlers is good! But it won't work for the soccer team.

They probably can't use Yaks; that would confuse broadcasters in the long-anticipated confrontation between Te Puke and Tibetan Steppes H.S.

The Chunks might make the girls' teams feel bad, and the Splatterers will make everyone think they're classic pop singers.

Maybe back to basics: the Loos.

Just some guy

How about the Snookies?

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