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July 17, 2012


A woman nearly did the proverbial when she discovered a snake had been living in her bathroom for six months.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Bauer said: "It was a good job I was in the bathroom already as when I saw the snake I almost peed myself. Thankfully it has been released in a nearby wildlife area where it belongs."

Corn snake released in Switzerland ? Can you say "invasive species" ? How about FLA and Burmese Pythons ?

The question I would be asking myself if I were this person is: What has it been eating all this time?

Omni, I could have asked it.

I like Corn Snakes as well as the next guy. OK, better than almost everybody on this blog.
They're harmless and beautiful. But they're NOT NATIVE to Switzerland and shouldn't ever have been allowed in. Ever notice how many escaped snakes turn out to be Corn Snakes? They're the Houdini's of the snake world.

We have a one room house that sits at the edge of a large woods. We used to have mice running all over it but since I started finding snake skins(the last was 4 feet) in the crawlspace we see almost no mouse activity. And snakes don't poop on the counter.

Old Chinese proverb: She who sees corn snake in toilet will forget to flush.

Is doing the proverbial like doing the Macarena?

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