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July 31, 2012


Non-invisible bank robber caught

(Thanks to Samuel Sprague)


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If I had someone walking up and taking money from my hand, I would assume someone from Chase was collecting a new fee.

Best accompanying photo caption, ever.

One would think he would have done a trial run. Maybe going to the local equivalent of an AT&T office to see if someone would see him.
No. That wouldn't work.

He contacted a sorcerer? Everyone knows that's baloney. Next time he should just read his horoscope to see if it's a good day to rob a bank. NMUA, the best way to tell the difference in a bank robber and a bank employee collecting fees is eventually the bank robber will stop and run out the door.

"'I made a mistake. I understand now what a big trick was played on me,'"

So you get it now, eh? Ok, well I guess we can let him go. He won't do that again.


Not my usual...

Or they could say, "Im from the IRS" you would give them your first born (with a properly filled out IRS FORM 123M, Part 2 Teir 5 Seat 6.)

Five million rials just doesn't go as far as it used to....

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