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July 02, 2012


A hotel worker in Montgomery County is accused of stealing a customer's credit card and then charging more than $4,000 playing games on Facebook.

(Thanks to The Minx)


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You're going to need a bigger Farmville.

speaking as an old fart of the geezerhood generation, i have to say "what the hell?"

1. i mean, really.
2. really?
4. she spent money on what?

For shame ! Only Congress is allowed to do that !

This action is upheld as constitutional

Speaking as a young whippersnapper of the baby-faced generation, I also have to say "what the hell."

1. I mean, really.
2. Really?
3.She looks like an old fart, herself
4. She spent money on what?

It costs money to play games on Facebook?

Who knew or cared?

Forget Facebook. I would have bought jewelry.

Tennessee's answer to Paul McCartney.

This explains why my sister-in-law never has any spare money.
Farmville. That such evil has sprung from the pure loins of the Internet....

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