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July 12, 2012




This has been your Canadian Real Estate Report.

(Thanks to The Perts)


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They had me sold with the indoor plumbing sign.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

It's in Canada, where a garage is a good thing, along with indoor plumbing.

It would be great if the street name was "ELM".

Do you have anything "Serial killer approved?"

It may not be haunted, but it is infested with aliens. That appears to be Japanese Knotweed in front.

Knotweed be damned. I've been in Saint John, and the most alien thing I can imagine is paying $197,000 for a house there. Canadian or US dollars, either one.

Not haunted? But I paid extra for that!


Try Vancouver. $197K is a steal. I could buy it on my credit card. You can't buy a parking spot (downtown) for less than $150K. In Vancouver proper, the average home price is about $900K, and that price gets you a 50 yr old bungalow with one bathroom. My home, in the burbs and about 30 kilometeres from downtown, a nice but average semi-upscale residence, would go for $1.2M.

And we get much more rain than St John.

Nice real estate.

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