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July 18, 2012


Meet Total Recall's new three-breasted woman!

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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You know why they call the area between the chest and the hips the waist right? Because you could easily fit another set of breasts in there.

( ~ )( 0 )( 0 )

Hey! My eyes are up here!

2 hands, one mouth, I can make that work

I bet she has a hard time finding a good bra.

Uh no, I think I'll pass. Maybe later, or never.

I'm confused. Which one's the prosthetic?

The mind boogles. Whoa.

Eccentrica Gallumbits???



Does she date a three-handed man?

Cheesewiz beat me to it. Oh well.

The fans of Recall take a stand:
A three-breasted whore they demand!
The re-make delivers
The goods. Let us give her
A hand. And a hand. And a hand.

Nice, Ford! And yeah, it was entirely because of the popularity of the original movie scene that they included this homage.

I wanted to balance the vast number of kilt postings over recent weeks... *S*

Reminds me of the old joke;
1st guy - I dated a woman who has three breasts.
2nd guy - Three breasts?
1st guy - Yep, and the third was on her back - She wasn't much to look at but great to dance with!

Eh. It's been done.

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