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July 18, 2012


If There Was Ever a Smarter Way to Hide Booze in Your Crotch, This Might Be It

(Thanks to Robert Shaw)


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Just don't try to take it on the plane. Those TSA people apparently can't keep their hands off the big boys.

Is the Freedom Flask where you store your Freedom Fries?

Is this what caused Dave's "blurry crotch" syndrome?

We thought that was where booze was supposed to come OUT?

This beer tastes like... Damn, wrong nozzle!

Mmmmm, warm bourbon.

xmas list i guess.
otherwise, really dizgustin.

I can see issues if one really needs to go to the bathroom.
And it is considered really poor rest room manners if you have to ask someone else to help you out.
"Hold this, please."
"Um, how about, 'NO'."

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