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June 11, 2012


Since The Blog's away, we'll be posting kilt pictures, of course. But more importantly, we will also take the opportunity to post boring stuff like this:

The spam filter works overtime on the blog mail, for obvious reasons. If you don't put a subject line on your email, you can assume it won't get through (though some do). Sometimes even if you DO put a subject line, it won't get through, but at least we have some hope of recognizing it as a submission. This is especially important with the kilt and semi-naked-men link submissions that we are sure you will begin sending momentarily.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog.


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FYI, as emailed.


Have a wonderful time but....

hurry back Dave.

@ Ralph, Made me laugh...Thanks!

Well, you just woke nursecindy, Judi.

MMMMMM. Men!!!

I'm not sure I want male corpses littered all over the blog... Oh, that's not what you meant by "kilt men"?

Did someone mention men in kilts?

One knee, well, okay, but two?? NC, this is over the line!

Just give us a warning, please.
And none of this sneaky BM type stuff.
Come to think of it, BM in a kilt might cause me to damage my computer.

I left prayers behind years ago, but I just brought them back in the name of blog welfare.

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